Salvage of Efe Murat

Year: 2019 (February – March)
Location: Bari, Italy
Activity: Salvage
Services: Project management and engineering


In 2019 the “Efe Murat” grounded on a breakwater of Pane e Pomodoro beach at  Bari (Italy) after she encountered bad weather conditions. For safety purposes, the crew abandoned the casualty at a later stage.

The casualty was resting with her starboard side against the stones and suffered several damages in her hull as she was pushed to the shallow waters by strong winds and rough sea.

First Marine Masters arranged oil recovery equipment on site and a salvage team that performed a survey on-board the casualty to determine the damage and obtain the necessary information to provide the Port Authorities with a bunkers removal plan. Subsequently, the bunkers removal operation started.

With tug assistance Marine Masters succeeded in safely refloating the vessel from the rocks and subsequently moored the vessel on a berth in Bari port.