Marine Masters join Rotterdam Maritime Services Community.

Henk Smith – Marine Masters: Prerequisites for success

Rotterdam Maritime Services Community – In the limelight

Marine Masters - Rotterdam Maritime Services Community - RMSCHenk Smith, co-founder and partner at Marine Masters, is outspoken about the strength of Rotterdam and the cluster of residing maritime business services: “All prerequisites for success are available. Whatever expertise or service you might need is accessible. The amount of highly specialised companies is impressive, creating a huge body of collective expertise and knowledge.” In addition, he praises the cluster’s willingness for cooperation.

Marine Masters delivers high quality maritime and offshore consultancy and support services. Covering salvage, transport and decommissioning assignments all over the world. The company was founded in 2016 and immediately hired to assist with the salvage of a grounded vessel. Besides the Rotterdam office there is also representation in Hong Kong, India and the Middle East.

Marine Masters’ core business is to assist companies with specialised knowledge and expertise, primarily regarding salvage and transport projects. Smith explains that they go beyond just plain consultancy; in most cases clients commission them for the operations as well. Marine Masters’ approach thrives on being pragmatic, cost efficient and creative. When the company gets involved they are able to provide quick and sound solutions, resulting in lower costs and less issues. This is especially important in case of maritime emergencies where salvage services are required. In those cases time is of the essence. That’s where the experience and proven track record of the Marine Masters partners come in. They are able to perform quick situational assessments and provide expert advice, preventing situations to deteriorate or spin out of control. Marine Masters’ local networks all over the world help to fully service clients and deliver quick assistance. Wherever and whenever it is needed.

Asked why Marine Masters joined the Rotterdam Maritime Services Community, Smith is clear. Being a service provider it is important to meet likeminded maritime experts. Not only to create brand awareness, but also to expand knowledge. Smith: “The Rotterdam Maritime Services Community events provide opportunities to talk informally and to expand our network. For us this is an important way to get in touch with experts that may be able contribute to our growth ambitions.”