Salvage and offshore construction experience

Marine Masters’ track record includes more than 250 salvages.

Our experts have been involved in numerous offshore construction projects
in Brazil, Europe and Middle East.

Commercial, Market consultation


  1. Commissioning works for an offshore wind park in the North Sea, including offshore logistics for installation and commissioning.
  2. Introduction of a maritime logistics provider to business opportunities in Far East Russia resulting in their successful tender for a tug for an export terminal.
  3. Participation in a consortium to offer an icebreaker personnel transfer.
  4. Introduction of a maritime logistics provider to business contact resulting in an invitation to tender for a 16 year marine operations contract.
  5. Offshore client – assisted with the sale of a platform.
  6. Introduction of client to several tug operators in East Africa as potential business partner.
  7. Consultancy firm South Africa – provided market know-how to support investment decision related to port expansion and port service extensions.
  8. Maritime & Transport consultancy – provided market intelligence to Qatar company to attract international companies to invest in port development.
  9. Private Equity firm – Provided market insights (salvage, port and towage) to investment companies to support their decision in company acquisitions.

Operational Work


  1. Methanol delivery to oil major in Nigeria, offshore logistics related to Methanol delivery to two FPSOs. Works included mooring in tandem to FPSO, sampling, ship to ship transfer of methanol, claim handling.
  2. Removal of 12 pipes on a Norfolk beach (UK). Each pipe measured 480 meter and 2.5 meter diameter.
  3. Tender support for offshore company to prepare method statement and cost estimation for the decommissioning of a damaged North Sea platform including legs and gravity based structure.
  4. Provided a Technical Superintendent for the modification and repair of a large crane vessel.
  5. Provided nautical expertise to a coastal engineering and consultancy firm regarding the construction of Lekki Port in Nigeria.
  6. Supported the World Bank in issuing a tender for a tug for the Port of Berbera. In addition provided market know-how regarding suppliers and construction costs of this harbour tug.

Salvage related work


  1. Beached Jack Up Ribble for AON/Raets Amlin. Inspection and discussion with Owners and Insurers about next steps.
  2. Marine Masters on behalf of Wagenborg Towage provided a method statement and cost estimation for the wreckremoval Fluvius Tamar.
  3. For the beached casualty Precious Daisy for Raets MSAmlin provided salvage expertise to owners and underwriters. Precious Daisy was refloated successfully.
  4. Providing a towage solution for a high speed ferry located in Eritrea. Foreship and forward part of the ferry hull was severely damaged and no strong points were available. Ferry was succefully towed to buyer.
  5. Bulkcarrier St Gregory ran aground on a rocky beach in Greece. Vessel suffered a breach and therefore water ingress. For the St Gregory we provided a Loading Master to transfer the cargo from the St Gregory.
  6. The chemical tanker Usichem caught fire close to Rhodos Island Greece. The vessel was carrying sunflower oil and en route to Sudan. We provided a Salvage Master and Fire Expert to the Salvor Megatugs.
  7. Marine Masters provided a Tow Master to tow the refloated vessel to the Dutch scrapyard in Rotterdam The Netherlands.
  8. For the recovery of the crew tender Jenin in Iran, Marine Masters provided a Salvage Consultant to represent the interests of underwriters during salvage activities.
  9. Marine Masters assisted Iskes in offering salvage services to the owners and underwriters of the ferry Mestre Simao aground at Pico Island.
  10. After invoking scopic Marine Masters provided a SCR for the product tanker MT Genessa which was on fire.

TRACK RECORD 2013 – 2016

Emergency Response
Nova Cura 2016
St Christoph 2016
AMT Explorer 2014
Ham 217 2015
Bianco Zealand 2014
Baru Satu 2013
Vale Indonesia 2013
Deva 2013
Stella 2012
Renos 2012
Wreck Removal
Flinterstar 2016
Amuriyah 2015
Baltic Ace 2015
Ramco Crusader 2014
TK Bremen 2012
California 2012
AB 9 2011
Jupiter 2011
Recovery 2011
Offshore Projects
MOM Offshore installation 2016
Marine Coördinator Offshore renewal 2015
MOM/Tow Master Offshore installation 2014
MOM/Tow Master Offshore installation 2014
MOM Offshore installation 2013
Learning Consultant Ocean Towage 2013

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