Track Record 2019


Overview 2019: Consistent growth Marine Masters

Marine Masters’ track record reflects a steady growth since the company was established in 2016. Last year, we were involved in more than 25 Salvage and Marine projects. We have expanded our international activities, successfully completing jobs in India, Asia, Africa, Hong Kong, Europe and the Middle East. In order to facilitate this growth, we have established local presence in India en Hong Kong enabling us to work closely with local sources and authorities.

Salvage operations and consultancy.

Noteworthy salvage operations we carried out were Nu Shi Nalini, Evangelia M, Efe Murat, Atlantic Peach, and HEL 103.

We also provided salvage consultancy services  related to the following casualties: MSC Zoe, Crystal Sea, Natalia, Emodraga, Aulac Fortune, Ou Ya Leng and Prosper Sunshine.

Marine and technical consultancy

Our technical and construction expertise has also been in high demand. Our experts provided consultancy for projects regarding Chiberta, Sea Green, Artificial Reef, F3FA, Pulau Tekong and Star Engia.





Sea Green Construction Heavy Lift superintendent NL
Artificial Reef Construction installation of reef Qatar
F3FA Construction Removal of platform NL
Pulau Tekong Construction Project Management NL
Star Angia Consultancy Transfer of cargo India
Accounting review Financial Consultancy Management assistance NL
Nu Shi Nalini Salvage Refloating of casualty India
Atlantic Peach Salvage Removal of casualty Lybia
Efe Murat Salvage Refloating of casualty Italy
HEL 103 Salvage Removal of casualty Poland
Dok 4 Vlissingen Salvage Cutting in smaller sections and transport NL
MSC Zoe Salvage consultancy Recovery of cargo NL
Evangelia M Salvage consultancy prepare refloating plan India
Crystal Sea Salvage consultancy Review of casualty Papua
Natalia Salvage consultancy Assistance to Owners Turkey
Emodraga Salvage consultancy Assistance to Owners Mozambique
Aulac Fortune Salvage consultancy Review of Salvors Hong Kong
Ou Ya Leng Salvage consultancy Review of situation of casualty Marshall Islands
Prosper Sunshine Salvage consultancy Refloating NL
Evangelia M Salvage MM Refloating of casualty India
Nu Shi Nalini Salvage MM Removal of cargo napthta India
Chiberta Technical Consultancy Management of repairs Belgium

Special Casualty Representative

Our team is also available and certified to act as CSR.

Year Casualty SCR name Country
2010 Georgette K Eric Houtteman Egypt
2100 Mirach Eric Houtteman India
2012 Renos Eric Houtteman Egypt
2012 Stella Eric Houtteman Greece
2013 Baru Satu Jan Kalkman Greece
2016 Nova Cura Jan Kalkman Greece
2016 NGOC Son Hans Lansgrud Maldives
2018 Generssa Eric Houtteman India
2018 Flourishever Hans Lansgrud China
2018 Nu Shi Nalini Hans Lansgrud India