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Marine Masters

24/7 assistance in any circumstance

Always available

Marine Masters is a cooperation of marine experts with an extensive track record in the salvage and offshore industry. We are always on stand-by with 24/7 assistance under any circumstance.

Creative minds, inventive solutions

We pride ourselves on being creative minds and offering effective, out-of-the-box solutions.

All the right skills without the overhead

Marine Masters’ expertise ranges from salvage and wreck removal to offshore decommissioning and transport & installation projects. With this versatile combination of skills, Marine Masters offer assistance to owners, salvage companies, operators, and offshore contractors on any level and any scale.

As an independent company, we act quickly against competitive prices. We are free to choose the most suitable equipment for the job, resulting in a solid and cost-effective work method.

Company Representative

Marine Masters have the technical expertise and know-how to act as trusted company representative, project manager or contractor.

We are able to take on full projects, but our experts can also be hired individually. Our core team works closely with a network of seasoned professionals, allowing us to deliver tailor-made solutions.


Marine Masters work with competitive lump sum fees or individual rates, compliant with client requirements.

We act fast, offering competitive rates. As we are not asset owners we are at liberty to select the most cost-effective, suitable equipment for the project resulting in cost-savings for our client.

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Corona Policy Notice

Please note that all Marine Masters Team Members adhere to goverment advice with regard to the Corona virus. We follow health regulations and comply with travel policy as stated by Dutch Government at https://www.nederlandwereldwijd.nl/reizen/reisadviezen.