Salvage Aulac Fortune

Year: 2019 (January)
Location: Hong Kong
Activity: Salvage
Services: Salvage consultancy

In January 2019, an explosion occurred on board the oil and chemical tanker “Auluc Fortune” while at anchor at South Lamma Dangerous Goods Anchorage in Hong Kong.

Following the explosion, a fire broke out on the main deck. This fire was extinguished quickly by The Hong Kong Fire Services Department. However, the vessel was in unstable condition and had taken a 28-degree list to starboard. Sadly the explosion resulted in the loss of three crew members.

Marine Masters were appointed as Salvage Consultant for the P&I Club to assist in the matter. Shortly after the fire was extinguished, Marine Masters attended the site and saw through the contract negotiation and the salvage operation until the vessel was in a suitable condition to be towed to a nearby port in China for repairs.