Removal of fuel and Refloating a Fishing Vessel in Beira, Mozambique

Year: 2021 (Feb to July)
Activity: Salvage
Services: Full removal Contract

In the Port of Beira, Mozambique, Marine Masters removed fuel and refloated a fishing vessel that had capsized and sunken.

As a priority, we removed the diesel oil from the fishing vessel using our own specific hot tap equipment. Upon completion, we parbuckled the fishing vessel and refloated the vessel upside-down.

By refloating the vessel in an inverted position we avoided expensive heavy lift equipment which was not available in Mozambique. As a result, this solution was time and cost-effective.

The local authorities granted permission to beach the vessel in the upside-down position for further disposal.

Marine Masters provided the hot tap equipment and salvage team to remove the diesel oil and to refloat the fishing vessel upside-down. Other salvage equipment was sourced locally.

We were supported by local authorities, companies, and contractors who were instrumental to the successful completion of the job.