Refloating of grounded tanker
off Indian Coast

Marine Masters Refloat Tanker

Tug is trying to pull the grounded tanker MV Nu Shi Nalini from near the Marivel beach on Wednesday. Dutch firm Marine Masters was successful in refloating the tanker late Wednesday night.

The Netherlands-based professional salvor Marine Masters BV has achieved success in refloating the grounded ship MV Nu Shi Nalini, off the coast at Goa.

The stricken tanker had run aground during adverse weather conditions. Consequently, the hull was heavily damaged while resting on the rocks on one side and on sand on the other side with dangerous cargo still in place.

Upon having been awarded the contract from Indian State Government on 21st of November Marine Masters had prepared a meticulous salvage plan and have worked 24/7 to refloat the vessel as soon as possible. The vessel carries 2,600 metric tonne of highly flammable naphtha, 50 metric tonne of high-sulphur fuel oil and 19 metric tonne of marine diesel oil.

On 11 December Marine Masters successfully refloated the vessel after which it was towed to harbor for further cargo discharge.