Barge Scuttling Operation, Qatar

At Qatar, Marine Masters provided expert assistance with a barge scuttling operation. The pontoon, with a length of approx. 45 meters and a width of approx. 25 meters, was originally fitted with 2 heavy ramps for trucks.

The scuttling operation was prepared carefully. Several square openings were made at the deck in order to pump in the water, let the air out and maintain good visual control of the of the water level even after several hours of pumping. In addition, a special steel construction was fitted on the top of the barge to enable scuba divers to swim through once the barge was on the seabed.

Six small two-and-three-inch water suction pumps were used to fill the pontoon. Extra holes were made at the aft of the pontoon to prevent getting air in the pontoon that could obstruct scuttling.

During the scuttling operation, the crew encountered adverse weather circumstances. Thanks to the expertise of Marine Masters as well as the crew, the operation was completed safely and without incident.