Salvage and Marine Consultancy

Marine Masters’ track record includes more than 250 salvages.

Our experts have been involved in numerous offshore construction projects
in Brazil, Europe and Middle East.

Salvage related work


  1. Marine Masters provided a Salvage Consultant for the refloating of the Inca Queen
  2. Marine Masters provided Salvage Master for the refloating of the Ferry EL Venizolos
  3. Marine Masters provided Salvage Master for the refoating of the bulkcarrier ARSLANBEY aground.
  4. Marine Masters provided to Insurers a Salvage Consultant for the assessment of the casualty ANGANBA
  5. Marine Masters provided Salvage Master to Salvor refloating of Nanami (Sailing vessel)
  6. Owners rep (to Wagenborg) for the refloating of the Priscilla (General Cargo vessel)

Offshore Work


  1. Preparation of Removal, transport and re-installation of North Sea platform on behalf of SPT Offshore which included Cost estimation, RFQ preparation and submittal, project cost control and operational guidance for grout removal.
  2. Methanol Delivery to Total Nigeria and Exxon Nigeria, to FPSO Usan, FPSO Egina, and FPSO Erha. Works included Pilotage, mooring in tandem to FPSO, sampling, ship to ship transfer of methanol and claim handling.
  3. Tender assistance to SPT Offshore to prepare Method Statement and cost estimation for the decommissioning of Halfweg Platform, Legs and Gravity Based structure.
  4. Marine Masters provided a Technical Superintendent for the modification of the Giant 7 (Boskalis)

Commercial, Market consultation


  1. Commissioning works for an offshore wind park in the North Sea, including offshore logistics for installation and commissioning.
  2. Introduction of a maritime logistics provider to business opportunities in Far East Russia resulting in their successful tender for a tug for an export terminal.
  3. Participation in a consortium to offer an icebreaker personnel transfer.
  4. Introduction of a maritime logistics provider to business contact resulting in an invitation to tender for a 16 year marine operations contract.
  5. Offshore client – assisted with the sale of a platform.
  6. Introduction of client to several tug operators in East Africa as potential business partner.
  7. Consultancy firm South Africa – provided market know-how to support investment decision related to port expansion and port service extensions.
  8. Maritime & Transport consultancy – provided market intelligence to Qatar company to attract international companies to invest in port development.
  9. Private Equity firm – Provided market insights (salvage, port and towage) to investment companies to support their decision in company acquisitions.


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